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    Teamviewer allows you to log on to someone’s computer remotely, so you’re able to control that computer from the comfort of your own home even if the person is miles away. This comes in handy for both dommes and subs, especially if you have a slave that is completely obedient. 

    The Benefits:

    • Slave/Sub: The idea of you being in complete control (in this case) is what gets a sub/slave off. Depending on how good you are with teamviewer, you can have complete control of his computer, even locking him out. This makes him scared and excited at the same time. And just like pain and pleasure, excitement wins out because it is also being fed by that fear.
    • Domme: You might also get excited because, often times, a computer is an important part of someone’s life. Being in control might make you feel powerful. It also has certain perks depending how long you know the person, your relationship at that time, and how committed the slave/sub is to you and/or this lifestyle.

    What You Can Do:

    • The great thing about teamviewer is that you can completely take over someone’s computer. When I say completely, I mean the only thing they will be able to do without your permission is turn the shit on. Through practice you can set up the computer where you have administration rights, a password that only allows you to sign on to the computer, and give that person limited rights by creating multiple accounts for the one computer (so maybe you only give him/her access to the guest account on the computer).
    • It allows you to keep tabs on your sub/slave by: Download programs that recognizes the keystrokes so you can know what websites he/she is accessing, check his/her internet history, email, instant messengers, etc.
    • Depending on your relationship, you can control his/her bank account while he/she watches. This shit will put a true paypig on cloud nine. Just by transferring money from his/her account to your bank account, paypal, money card, etc. you can have this person begging you for more.
    • If they have an account on amazon, you can buy things from your wishlist as he/she watches.
    • And so much more

    I like examples so I’ll give you one. Last year I had a sub that wanted to try teamviewer and since it was my first time as well, I thought it would be good to try it with someone who didn’t know more than I did. The first time I tried I just looked at his history, deleted some music, deleted some documents, etc. He later complained that I didn’t know what I was doing and I didn’t do much, blah blah blah. I’m a girl that likes it to stick it to people, so that night I watched some tutorials (links below), typed up the steps, and printed the steps to have on hand. The next day I followed the tutorial to a T, by the time I was done I had complete control of his laptop. He was scared as shit and kept begging me to stop. Eventually he turned off the laptop and I was left with a blank screen. But I’d already gotten into his laptop, as well as his head. He was scared, but he was also excited. He came back the next day from his home computer asked me to log on so I can finish what I started. I gave him access to the laptop, with limited capabilities (so he couldn’t change my settings). He wasn’t a big spender, but I created an amazon wishlist with his name on it and worked my way through that shit over a course of three months.

    A lot of you ladies fear that the other person can hack into your computer. I’ve never had it happen to me and I’ve never heard another domme complain about this. But I’m not saying that it can’t happen, I’m just telling you that it didn’t happen to me. Be cautious!!! Also, I have a mac and it worked just fine with my laptop, so it’s pc and mac friendly.

    I would also suggest that you google “teamviewer financial domination” and “teamviewer bdsm”, so you can see how other dommes use it to their advantage. Have Fun!!!

    Tutorials (not my own):

    TeamViewer Basics 1

    TeamViewer Basics 2

    TeamViewer Basics 3

    Computer Lockdown 1

    Computer Lockdown 2


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